Welcome To Vidvazhni

Vidvazhni means courage and we believe that courage is the conscious decision to take a risk for a good cause. Our mission is to help those who need the most help during and after the war. We will do this by providing shelter, food, psychological care, and comfort to the elderly, young mothers, children, internally displaces people, and those with disabilities.

To Donate: We have set up a PayPal to accept donations, simply copy and paste this into PayPal and enter your donation amount.


For Our English Speaking Friends

You may or may not follow the news from Ukraine, but there is still a war raging in our country. Unfortunately this war has not been constrained to just the military as there are strikes conducted against civilian targets on an ongoing basis. Millions of civilians have had to flee, leaving everything behind.

The concept for Vidvazhni.org started on March 10th with an Instagram post about a rocket strike in Donetsk that hit a building that was providing shelter for 29 elderly people, 14 of whom were bedridden. Our foundation was formed to coordinate their evacuation, medical treatment, and shelter. We are located in Korosten’, Zhytomyr Oblast (about 100 miles northwest of Kyiv) and we now assist over 100 people including:

  • Refugees
  • Young Mothers
  • Internally Displaced People
  • Children
  • Elderly Individuals
  • People With Disabilities

Every month we deliver over 5 tons of humanitarian aid and we get around 50 new requests for help every week. We have started to implement resources to provide psychological assistance, both during and after the war.


The war is now moving into it’s second year, and while donations have slowed, expenses continue to rise. We have the manpower, but we need financial help to pay for hygiene products, bed linens, mattresses, rent, office expenses, and utilities. We have created programs to empower youth to create and implement their own volunteer projects in their communities and fund those initiatives as well.

The easiest way for people in America to donate to us is through Paypal:

Unfortunately we can’t create a PayPal button, but use this email address to send donations to: courageousCF@gmail.com